Eduheal Foundation is a NATIONAL LEVEL registered NGO[trust] working in the field of School Education
EHF conducts 6 olympiads in Maths, Science, English, GK, cyber and biotech annually reaching out to 3500 schools and 4 lakh students.The tests are conducted using standardized syllabus based on national curriculum framework
Here we are providing few details of about Nation wide Interactive Science Olympiad (NISO)
Nation wide Interactive Science Olympiad (NISO) is a national level exam based on Science to test your aptitude for taking up a career in Science/applied Science (Engineering, Medical,Architecture, M.C.A. etc.)

Thought provoking questions based on practical, day-to-day sciences will be asked such as why

insects cannot see through glass?,
Why light cannot escape from black hole?,
What was before big bang?, What is bio fuel?,
How to make plastic degradable?,
Can mercury really turn into Gold-as alchemists think?,
Can we travel faster than light?,
Does a child’s brain grow even after birth?

Nationwide Interactive Science Olympiad (NISO)

Science skills have become even more important in today’s economy dominated by I.C.E. [Information technology, issued, Communications and Entertainment].

With this vision, EduHeal Foundation is conducting the Nationwide Interactive Science Olympiad (NISO). This olympiad is as much about creating awareness about Science by bringing in an element of challenge and competition as about inspiring the younger generation to enhance their knowledge about Science and to test their aptitude for taking up career in Science and applied Science in future.

NISO promises to make science more fun by introducing interactive activities like interactive olympiad, workshops and seminars, Young Scientist preparatory books and annual Science

Student studying in classes 1 to 12 in English medium schools affiliated with CBSE/ICSE/IB/CIE and state board can participate. Maths & Bio students of Class XI & XII are also eligible

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Marks pattern:
One mark is allotted for each right answer. There is no negative marking. In case of a tie, following preference with respect to the marking will be followed :

First, Maths questions, then Mental Ability and finally Interactive questions.

In case the tie-up persists other parameters including telecalling will be followed.

The student roll number will be as given in the attendance sheet. No admit cards will be issued. There is no level 2.

The school result will be despatched to the school in 6-8 weeks. Fill the NIMO registration form (School & Student)

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